These are e-business related books which are linked to the Amazon site so that you can read the synopsis and customer reviews.


Chaffey , D.(2011) E Business and E-Commerce Management, 5th edition, FT Prentice Hall

Laudon , K.C. & Traver, C.G.(2012) E-commerce: Business, Technology, Society, 8th ed. Pearson

Turban  , King, Viehland & Lee (2009) Electronic Commerce 2010, A Managerial Perspective, Pearson

Chen  , S.(2004) Strategic Management of e-Business, 2nd edition, Wiley

Jelassi  , T. & Enders, A. (2008), Strategies for e-Business 2nd ed., FT Prentice Hall

Farhoomand  , A., Markus, M., Gable & Khan (2004) Managing (e)Business Transformation. A Global Perspective, Palgrave Macmillan

Fletcher  , Bell & McNaughton (2004) International E-Business Marketing, Thomson

Groucutt  , J. & Griseri, P. (2004) Mastering e-Business, Palgrave-MacMillan

Beynon-Davies  , P. (2004) E-Business, Palgrave Macmillan

Mohammed  , Fisher, Jaworski & Paddison (2003) Internet Marketing, Building advantage in a networked economy, 2nd edition, McGraw Hill


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