About us

BoraDev Consulting is a UK based consultancy that provides research, development and consultancy services in IT, marketing, e-business, internet marketing and branding and social marketing projects.

We aim to provide high quality support to small and medium sized companies (SMEs) and not-for-profit organisations in their strategic and operational decision making and throughout all the stages of their research activities. We believe that smaller companies and non-profit orientated organisations should have access to affordable research and consultancy services we provide as, otherwise, they would be missing out on the advantages of marketing research and possibilities for e-business related initiatives, due to the high cost of services provided by larger agencies.

With our extensive experience in IT software development and qualitative and quantitative research and general marketing consultancy, we look forward to assisting your organisation in utilising IT to your advantage and formulating and/or executing strategic and operational decisions based on sound assessment and research.

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