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Sep 18, 2012
Category: General
Posted by: adminoya
Android, the mobile phone operating system from Google is now used in 68.1% of mobile phones sold worldwide in quarter 2, 2012. This is up from 46.9% a year ago.
Jun 15, 2012
Category: General
Posted by: adminoya

The new "Do Not Track" (DNT) standard will allow a user to opt out of the online tracking currently performed by internet advertisers and could hugley impact advertising revenue. The current tracking of users allows an advertising company to serve targetted advertising campaigns which are proven to be more cost effective and produce better results.

In the next version of Micorsoft's Windows operating system, DNT will be switched on by default but will the advertisers comply with the rules?

Sep 25, 2009
Category: General
Posted by: site_editor
For small businesses with more time than money, affiliate networking can pay off. The cost of participation is relatively small, but success can be achieved only by giving affiliates plenty of tender loving care -- and avoiding some common pitfalls along the way.

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